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We have amazing opportunities unlimited earning potential for hard working, honest, reliable individuals. If you one of them - please kindly fill out  The Application thoroughly review The Agreement and contact us for your interview and start making REAL money.

Team Management.

Employment Franchising Brokerage Business Relationship
Date of Application Date available to start
MY AVAILABILITY (Please check all that apply)
Franchisee up to $100,000 per year
Driver $35,000 to 40,000 per year
Broker up to 60,000 per year
Office min wage + bonuses
Dispatcher min wage + bonuses
Sales Representative on commission
Full time
Part time
Hours of Availability
  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Would you be able to work?
Early mornings Late nights Holidays
Shifts Longer hours Neither of these
Earnings expectation per year
Last Name First Name Middle Name
Date of Birth Place of Birth
Street Address Major Intersection
City Province Postal Code
How long at this address Landlord Phone #
Home phone # ( ) Cell Phone # ( )
Your Home:
Rent Monthly Payment
Own Monthly Mortgage
Do you smoke? Yes No
Marital Status:
Have Children? How many? Ages
Your Driver’s License: Type Number
How long do you have Driver’s License in Canada?
Do you have clean driving record? Yes No
If "No", please provide details
Your personal car: Make Model Year
Lease Bank financing Paid off I have no car
Do you have good insurance history? Yes No
Have you ever been involved in an accidents Yes No
If "Yes", please provide details and supporting documents
Please provide us with the most recent or current Insurance Company Name and Policy#
Are you eligible to work in Canada? Yes No
How long do you live in Canada?
What is your status in Canada? Citizen Permanent Resident Other
If you are a permanent resident, do you have VISA to enter USA? Yes No
Do you have any criminal record or have you ever been convicted of criminal charges? Yes No
If "Yes" please specify
Have you ever field a bankruptcy? Yes No
If "Yes", please provide details: When? How much was the debt?
Do you have a credit cards (check if any of these apply)
VISA Master Card Paid off
Department Stores Credit Line Other
Have you ever been or currently is in any dispute with a financial or any other institution?
Yes No
If "Yes" please specify
Can we contact the Credit Bureau of Canada and request your personal credit information?
Yes No
For any position we require all our associates to buy or lease new models of a luxury sedans (preferably Lincoln Town Car, Black, Executive L)
Will you able to buy or lease a luxury sedan as requested by Company?
Yes No
For Drivers positions working on company’s car we require a security deposit for any damages caused by driver’s negligent performance of his/her duties.
Would you be able to post $2,000 security deposit? Yes No
If you willing to earn up to $100,000 per year and buy one of our franchise, how much down payment can you put?
Do you require a financing? Yes No
If "Yes", for how many years?
1 year 3 years 5 years 8 years 10 years More
Current /most recent Employer Can we contact this Company? Yes No
Company Name
From To
Supervisor: Phone #
Reason for leaving:
Starting Pay Ending Pay
Previous Employer Can we contact this Company? Yes No
Company Name
From To
Supervisor: Phone #
Reason for leaving:
Starting Pay Ending Pay
Have you ever worked or had business in any transportation, delivery, limousine or taxi establishment? Yes No
If "Yes", please give details
In order to increase your own earnings and company’s profits, would you able to participate in company promotional programs, such as:
Gift Certificates Complimentary Rides Discount prices None
How will you estimate your geographical knowledge of GTA and surrounding areas?
Excellent Good Satisfactory Don’t know the areas
What would you do if you do not agree with some company rules or dispatcher orders?
make decision on my own follow the orders of my supervisor other
For all new associates we require a one-month mandatory training-trial period. Will you be able to complete this period? Yes No
All our associates are must be self-employed and GST registrants. Are you self-employed and GST registered? Yes No
If "No", will you register GST number for yourself? Yes No
Please, specify level of education completed:
What hobbies and activities are you involved in?
Please, describe how you will perform yours duties and responsibilities if you would have been granted your desired position
Please, tell us what of benefits and financial gains the the company will receive upon granting you this position
List any references not given above
Name Occupation Relationship Phone number
Please, exclude any reference to any organization which could indicate race, religion, marital status, age, color, gender, ancestry, political beliefs, sexual orientation, place of origin, physical disability, mental disability or handicap.
The undersigned acknowledges that the foregoing statements and information fully and truthfully set forth the truth and accurate personal information of the applicant as of the date hereof. The undersigned further acknowledges that for the purposes of determining the suitability of the undersigned for the position applied for, an investigation may be made with the respect to relevant information.
Signature Date



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